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Contributed talk

Regression Methods and Survey Sampling

María Alvarado-Leitón, (Universidad de Costa Rica, Costa Rica) Considerations on data attributes when modeling Binomial or Poisson grouped data.

Cristian Oliva, (Colorado State University, USA) Survey estimators of ordered domain means.


Financial Mathematics

Ramin Okhrati, (University of Southampton, UK) Locally risk minimizing strategies of defaultable securities under delayed data.

Alexander Vervuurt, (Oxford University, UK) Stochastic Portfolio Theory: A Machine Learning Perspective.


Mathematical Statistics

Francois Bachoc, (Universit́e Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France) Asymptotic analysis of covariance parameter estimation for Gaussian processes in the misspecified case.

Nil Venet, (CEA Tech Occitanie & Institut de Mathematiques de Toulouse, France) On finding stationary covariances on a metric space.

Thierry Klein, (Institut de Math́ematiques de Toulouse, France) Sensitivity indices based on Cramer von Mises Distance.



Luis Barboza Chinchilla, (Universidad de Costa Rica, Costa Rica) Paleoclimate reconstruction of mean global temperature using a hierarchical bayesian model: comparison of INLA and MCMC methods.

Zaida Quiroz, (Universidade Federal De Minas Gerais, Brazil) Bayesian spatio-temporal modeling of anchovy abundance through the SPDE approach.

Daira Velandia, (Universidad Tecnologica de Bolıvar, Colombia) Composite likelihood inference for multivariate Gaussian random fields.



Andressa Cerqueira, (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil) Perfect simulation for Exponential random graphs.

Jaime Lobo, (Universidad de Costa Rica, Costa Rica) Occupation times sequences from the martingale point of view.

Allan Fiel, (Cinvestav-IPN, Mexico) Stability for a class of semilinear fractional stochastic integral equations

Christian Fonseca, (Universidad de Costa Rica, Costa Rica) Levy Processes and Infinitely Divisible Measures in the Dual of a Nuclear Space


Computational Statistics and Image Processing

Prateek Bansal, (Cornell University, USA) A framework integrating biogeography-based optimization and support vector regression for freeway travel time prediction and feature selection: a case study of Taiwan freeway.

Marvin Coto-Jimenez, (Universidad de Costa Rica, Costa Rica / Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Mexico) Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis Based on Hidden Markov Models.

Frederic Richard, (Aix Marseille University, France) Anisotropy of Holderian Gaussian random fields: characterization, estimation and application to the analysis of image textures.


Bayesian Analysis

Mauricio Campos, (Universidad de Costa Rica, Costa Rica) Using Bayesian and traditional meta-analysis methods to study the effects of strength exercises in women with Fibromyalgia.

Rolando de la Cruz, (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaıso, Chile) Bayesian Regression Analysis of Data with Random Effects Covariates from Non-linear Longitudinal Measurements.

Ignacio Vidal, (Instituto de Matematica y Fısica, Universidad de Talca, Chile) Bayesian inference for agreement measures.


Nonparametric Statistics

Karine Bertin, (Universidad de Valparaiso, Chile,) Adaptive Density Estimation on Bounded Domains.

Alvaro Cordero, (Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, Mexico) Sequential normal scores in statistical process control.


Statistical Learning and Big Data

Alejandra Jimenez, (Universidad de Costa Rica, Costa Rica) Population Based Heuristics for Clustering Binary Data.

Carles Serrat, (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya-BarcelonaTECH, Spain) Statistical learning techniques applied to parameter fine-tunig in metaheuristics.

Leonardo Trujillo, (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia) Sampling and Streaming Techniques for Big Data of Systemic Risk Surveillance and Regulatory Control of Financial Syste


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